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Using docTok you can easily manage your entire practice and much more.
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Schedule - For Patients

100% online SELF-SERVICE scheduling. Patients pick their clinician. Schedule. The schedule is approved or modified by doctor's office. Onsite or by Zoom™!

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Feature Image

Videochat - For Patients

Patients can easily register & pay for a 1-on-1 secured-video with their choses clinician over Zoom™. Clinician approves the requested schedule in the workflow.

Prescriptions - For Patients

No-hassles prescription-dispensing over Zoom™!

Feature Image
Feature Image

Loyalty Points - For Patients

Patients earn loyalty points through our myLoyalty system. Now patients earn for each visit with easy redeeming!


Integrations with our AI, API and Apps. Fundamental science & healthcare operational-efficiency meets practical apps & platforms. Our own end-to-end encrypted Slack-like channel-based communications, project management with your team, patients, vendors, colleagues right at your fingertips and integrated with our system! (see in the Pages menu drop-down for more info)

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Feature Image


Do ALL of your accounting for your practice as well. Bill patients, notate payments received, reports, vendors, products, categories, consolidation. It's all available to you! Just open the integrated link and voila your accounting at your fingertips!

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